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Along with the steady growth in numbers of virtualized environments, the need for a comprehensive and reliable backup mechanism for Virtual Machines has also increased. NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers you an all-in-one solution to save and recover data from your virtualized infrastructure in the most efficient way, complete with deduplication, encryption, compression, a Web-based interface, and granular recovery features.

Being a partner of VMware it was only logical that NAKIVO’s solution would blend perfectly with any VMware VMs. Depending on your preferences, it can be seamlessly deployed on Windows, Linux, as a Virtual Appliance on your VMware vSphere, or on a Western Digital NAS to create a compact backup appliance that won’t take up any resources from your virtualized environment. Its intuitive Web-based User Interface allows you to connect to NAKIVO Backup & Replication from anywhere, anytime, from any device. The program comes with wizards to help you launching new backup and replication jobs in a stress-free environment. The Configuration Wizard will also help you to set up your inventory, transporters, and backup repositories. Managing your data and performing new backup, replication, and recovery jobs just can’t be easier – its Job Grouping capabilities will allow you to define groups of apps, services, and locations and work on any these groups with a single click.

The security of your data is guaranteed with the program’s AES-256 encryption algorithms, as well as with its advanced replication routines, which create perfect replicas of your structures and data and recover them in a snap whenever your source data is lost or damaged. This is especially useful when working with databases – NAKIVO supports Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, Active Directory, and nearly any other database running on your VM. Data can be set to be backed up on schedule, allowing you to create up to a thousand recovery points per Virtual Machine. Backups are compressed and deduplicated to save space and data recovery time.

Because recovering our data is the ultimate reason why we back it up in the first place, NAKIVO offers you various solutions to help you out when disaster comes. You can recover your entire virtualized environment by powering on your replicated VMs, or – if in a hurry – you can use Flash VM Boot to access your files instantly before restoring your lost or damage files to your source VM. Though compressed and deduplicated, your NAKIVO backups remain fully functional and accessible at any time.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers you the highest levels of reliability, usability, and recoverability for your virtualized environments. Its cloud support (including full integration with all well-known private and public clouds), its highly flexible scheduling solutions, and the reliability of its compression and encryption techniques guarantee better performance, reduction of storage space, efficient data recovery, and a more cost-effective solution.

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  • Web-based interface
  • Can be installed directly on a WD NAS
  • Windows, Linux, and VMware support
  • Allows for multiple recovery points
  • Deduplicates and compresses data to save space
  • Encrypts your backups for extra protection
  • Extensive recovery functionality


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